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Save Money Using Shipovo

There are several areas where Shipovo may provide return on investment

Shipping costs – Shipovo rate shopping can be used to automatically select the lowest cost carrier and delivery mode to reduce to cost of shipping..

IT – Time and resources can be saved by handling all of your shipping, carriers, and reporting for all users and shipping stations from a single server and multicarrier workstations. 

Process efficiency – The services Shipovo provides convert into substantial savings in condensed training time, as well as improved efficiency, accuracy and accountability from employees throughout the fulfillment process.

Intangibles – These are slightly more difficult to measure but can be potentially significant. Shipovo ensures less shipping mistakes that would result in reduced customer satisfaction, lost product, costs for re shipment, possible liability.  Also, there is an increase in customer satisfaction when Shipovo emails them with all of their shipment information.

Why should you have a multi-carrier shipping strategy?

In past years, retailers could often get by using with one shipping carrier to deliver their products. This was often seen the preferred method to manage shipping as it allowed businesses to negotiate better shipping rates and streamline the shipping process. However, today carrier services and customer expectations are quickly changing.  Exploring different options as part of a multi-carrier shipping strategy is essential to maintain a competitive advantage and providing a positive customer experience.

It’s cost-effective

Using a single carrier during the beginning stages of business makes sense because order volumes may not be as high and won’t justify using more than one carrier. As your business grows and sales increase, lack of diversity in your shipping approach can put you at risk of inefficient order fulfillment and increased shipping costs.  A multi-carrier shipping strategy such as Shipovo is an excellent way to shop for rates from multiple providers so that you are using the most cost-effective shipping option for every order. Delivery locations, package sizes, and so on will have different costs, so it is logical to pick and choose carriers to reduce shipping costs as much as possible.

You benefit from different carrier features

No two carriers are exactly the same; they all have their own advantages and features to suit different shipment types and customers.  Having a list of carriers to choose gives you the opportunity to offer the fastest shipping times and best customer experience, all for the best rate.

It keeps customers happy by offering multiple delivery options

The rise of online shopping has resulted a new era in customer expectation. Customers want products shipped quickly, inexpensive, and with a method work best for them. The majority of customers would be willing to pay more for same-day delivery, which proves that fast shipping is of upmost importance, even at a greater price. With the growing desire for quick delivery, exploring carriers with this option will be necessary.  Utilising multiple shipping methods offers a level of flexibility that customers have grown to expect, and it gives them the ability to consider
different pricing.

LTL Shipping
LTL Shipping

LTL freight shipping is the movement of products that will not fill the space of an entire trailer. Typically these freights weigh between 150 and 10,000 lbs. With LTL there are often other separate LTL shipments being shipped out on one truck. Your business will only pay for the portion of the space that your shipments occupy, not the entire truck.


Courier Shipping
Courier Shipping

Simply put, a courier service is a company that is accountable for the delivery of packages, documents, parcels and any other type of mail between two parties. They provide competitive services including door-to-door package delivery, seven-day-a-week delivery or same-day delivery.  Built on growing technology, couriers have increasingly


eCommerce Shipping
eCommerce Shipping

Shipovo offers top-rated eCommerce shipping solutions. We are a user friendly shipping solution for any online store, and we have the ability to manage the whole shipping process as well as offering discounted rates from multiple carriers. With Shipovo you can handle all of the requirements of eCommerce shipping as we have integrated with all of the top rated carriers. Fulfill orders and ship seamlessly with Shipovo…Contact Us for more information

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