Shipping Anywhere Made Easy

How it Works

Shipovo helps to lower what your business pays in shipping costs via our easy to use online shipping solution platform. We have simplified the whole process of contacting several carriers and keeping track of different rates, as well as booking the shipment, tracking it and confirming the delivery. We also take care of the label printing process and more. We recognize that managing shipments can be time consuming and frustrating, so with Shipovo, you can streamline the entire process online.  Shipovo has lent a hand in the improvement of the shipping and delivery process from start to finish, for any small to large business throughout Canada and the USA.  Take advantage of our incredible pre-negotiated shipping rates which are given directly to you. Every time you ship, you will receive instant quotes and get to choose the method that best suits you and your business. Simply log in to your Shipovo account, enter in shipment details and receive real-time quotes from multiple trusted carriers!