Shipping Anywhere Made Easy


Automated rate shopping is the primary element of Shipovo, and it is a gold standard on the market today.  This software is the best way to optimize efficiency while applying your existing business practices. Shipovo allows for multiple levels of customization, allowing you to continue to ship items when you want, how you want. Shipovo wants to do the work for you to find the best fit for your business without forfeiting quality or cost for shipping.  Not all automated rate shipping is the same and it’s important to know what you are getting in terms of performance and features. Shipovo offers one-click rate shopping, thus minimizing the time your business spends shopping for the best shipping carriers and rates. Shipovo helps make the decision for you in just seconds, essentially streamlining the shipping method and label printing process.

No User Fees 

The bottom line is saving money, and Shipovo recognizes that. For this reason, we don’t charge any user fees. Use Shipovo’s platform, integrate your eCommerce store, and ship your product without over paying. This lowers your shipping costs and gives you the opportunity to invest the savings in other areas of your business.

Free Live Support 

As an added bonus, Shipovo gives you access to free Live Support services. Our top rated staff provide assistance in answering any questions and your shipments moving.  We appreciate that your time is valuable, so get help quickly by speaking with one of our representatives whenever you need them.

Ship on the go

Shipovo is an online platform and the only thing you will need to access it is an internet connection. We understand that your time is important, so don’t waste it downloading software. Just log in to our cloud based platform from any internet browser and begin shipping!

Order Management 

Shipovo allows you to keep an eye on your order at all times. Shipping information is tracked in one central location, giving your customer service team the ability to give accurate, up-to-date information to anyone inquiring about an order. The automated order fulfillment process not only streamlines the workflow for your team, but also provides internal quality control, increasing productivity so your employees can spend time where it really matters.

* No setup fees or contracts  * View multiple services from multiple shipping carriers  * Dedicated customer service  * eCommerce solutions  * Expedited courier services  * LTL Pallet shipping for Canada and the US  * Manage multiple carriers with consolidated invoices  * Shipping reports  * Deeply discounted real-time shipping rates  * Easily print shipping labels   Access customs documents and much more...